What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is also described as a guided hypnosis or a trance-like concentration that is typically achieved with the guide of clinical hypnotherapists. It is a form of psychotherapy that uses intense concentration, guided relaxation and focused attention to gain the highlighted state of awareness. In this situation, the patient can shift their awareness inwardly to ….  Read More

8 Attitudes Every Parent of a Toddler Should Know

Parents of toddlers have a hard time, and Toddlers are moody, unpredictable, and often frustrating. You may not be a new revelation (ask any parent of a toddler), but it is something we should all acknowledge. It means parents need to try to figure out what emotion the child is trying to convey to get ….  Read More

Effective Parenting Styles

9 Effective Parenting Styles in this Generation

Parenting is a tough job. We all have our ideas about how but as new parents, we realize that there’s no one right way to raise a child- or at least not in any of the ways we’ve tried. Being a parent is hard. You have to change diapers, feed them, and do other stuff. ….  Read More


12 Ways to Motivate Kids

Say goodbye to the need to nag or bribe children to do their homework, clean or eat with these 12 fool-proof and scientifically proven ways to motivate kids. Build open and sincere connection Before even thinking about how you can discipline kids, building a loving, guarded relationship with them should be your top priority. By ….  Read More


9 Better Parenting Skills to Practice

Nurturing and raising your kids is one of the most fulfilling yet most challenging tasks in the world. As a parent, you have to undergo multiple process and strategies to make everything okay for your children. So as you go through, develop these skills to become more effective, positive and fulfilled in your daily parenting. ….  Read More

Parenting Techniques for 2020

Parenting is one of the intricate work that never gets a holiday break. Every day, there’s a lot of struggles in this vocation. Yet, as a parent, you give your children the best start in their life. You nurture, you guide and protect them as much as you can. Parenting plays an essential role in ….  Read More

What are the Parenting Styles?

What kind of parent are you? How do you manage and discipline your children? Parenting is not an easy responsibility, but it is also fun. There are various ways and strategies to raise children. Some parents are “helicopter parents” who monitor every step of their children’s lives, while other parents give their children space to ….  Read More

How to Teach Your Kids to Read?

Teaching kids to read is not an easy task. It is not contrary to some people’s belief that learning to read is not a ‘natural’ process that happens in just a blink of an eye. It’s a complex one that requires various strategies and skills such as phonics awareness. Whether the task is for teachers ….  Read More

Educating the Next Generation in Australia

When it comes to educating the next generation in Australia, it is like you are gazing at a crystal ball. Five decades ago, some would have expected the likes of Classics and Latin to become redundant. If you will ask about these subjects in Australian classrooms right now, you will not only discover that these ….  Read More

What’s Inside a Baby Bag?

The baby bag is every new mom’s new best friend that they need to be right there by their side at all times. Stepping outside the house with your little one without a baby bag is a mistake you wouldn’t dare make if you don’t want to have any regrets. Below is a checklist of ….  Read More