Special Stories


This page contains stories of babies who were diagnosed with a fatal or long term outcome. All those stories are special and unique.


Families who wish to have their journey put on this site can email me their baby's story or the recent progress of their "special need" bundle of joy. Remember to add dates and whether you wish to be contacted by other parents.


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Talina (Potter's Syndrome)

Brendan (Potter's Syndrome)

Chris (Premature labour)

Daniel (Down Syndrome)

Devan (Triplet)

Dylan (Stillborn, Full Term)

Elliott (Potter's syndrome)

Erin (Dwarfism)

Gabby (Diaphragmatic Hernia)

Hyrum (Stillborn, Full Term)

Jared (Spina Bifida)

Lana (Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida)

Olivia (Heart failure)

Rhys (Premature Birth, 25 weeks gestation)

Yasmin (rupture of the membrane, Termination at 18 weeks)

Mooks (Bladder Outlet Obstruction)







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