Memory Creations

Memory Creation is a big part of the Grief and Loss process. Not every family will engage in the process, and grief and loss is indeed unique to individuals, therefore there is no right and wrong choice.

We have listed some Memory Creation services below. Please be aware that some are fee based. We do not necessarilly endorse them but have received good feedbacks and so are providing their details below. if you believe a service should be added, please contact us.



Portraits from photos or face to face. Those artists are fantastic and have provided families with lots of beautiful memories of their children.

            "Portrait of an angel website" By Rachel Wybrew (Australia).



            "Portraits By Dana" By Dana (USA)




The Australia Community Of Child Photographers is a volunteer, charitable network of photographers dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families affected by stillbirth, premature birth and paediatric illness in a compassionate, caring and heartfelt manner.



Photo enhancements of your baby or digital adding of a baby in a family photo






Card making service which includes all occasions (anniversaries and special dates after pregnancy and infant loss)




Dana creates hand made Christening and Burial gowns for angel babies of all sizes in a loving and caring way.




Tippytoes Sculptures creates hand made sculptures of a baby's hands and feets as well as other hand made memorial items (including DIY)




Creation of Memory boxes. You can purchase one for yourself or purchase on in memory of someone else to be donated to a newly bereaved parent.





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