Carrying to Term

This page is dedicated to all the parents who just received devastating news.  You may be faced with many options you had never heard of previously. You most likely have been thrown into a world you assume was only for others.

We don't have the answers. Hopefully, Knowing that other parents have been there and how they coped may be useful to you.

I would encourage you to get a hold of "High risk pregnancy and Foetal diagnosis which is a book I wrote after my own experience with carrying Talina to term. It is a simple companion written by parents for parents and provides testimonies, practical and emotional support.  It can be found from Free Association Books and is available from CAPERS bookstore, AMAZON, Footprint, FAB and most online Bookstores.

"I finally accepted that I couldn't save my baby and that she would die. But there was one thing I could for her and that was to let her die in my arms. That, I could do for her"